At what time does it get dark in Stockholm (Sweden)?

Local time in Stockholm: 19:58
Sunrise: 03:50
Sunset: 21:56
In spring (April 1st)
Sunrise: 06:09
Sunset: 19:32
In summer (July 1st)
Sunrise: 03:34
Sunset: 22:09
In autumn (October 1st)
Sunrise: 06:52
Sunset: 18:22
In winter (Januari 1st)
Sunrise: 08:41
Sunset: 15:01

When does the sun set in Stockholm, Sweden? You’ll find it here. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. The city is also the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden. Stockholm’s location just south of the 60th latitude means that the number of daylight hours is relatively small during winter (about six hours), while in June and the first half of July, the nights are relatively short (about 18 hours of daylight). Around the Summer solstice the sun never reaches further below the horizon than 7.3 degrees. This gives the sky a bright blue color in summer once the sun has set, because it does not get any darker than nautical twilight. Also, when looking straight up towards the zenith, few stars are visible after the sun has gone down. This is not to be confused with the midnight sun, which occurs north of the Arctic Circle, around 7 degrees farther north.

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