At what time does it get dark in San Jose (California)?

Local time in San José: 23:48
Sunrise: 06:33
Sunset: 18:05
In spring (April 1st)
Sunrise: 06:50
Sunset: 19:31
In summer (July 1st)
Sunrise: 05:49
Sunset: 20:33
In autumn (October 1st)
Sunrise: 07:02
Sunset: 18:51
In winter (Januari 1st)
Sunrise: 07:20
Sunset: 17:01

At what time does the sun goes down in San José (Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe or the City of San José), California? San Jose lies close to the Pacific Ocean and close to San Francisco Bay. Want to know at what time it gets dark at your location? See our homepage.